Sunday spotlight: Mayday.

The crabapples in my neighbourhood are just on the verge of exploding into blossom, but at the moment, it’s time for the Maydays to shine.  Although my nasty seasonal allergies make it difficult for me to take any sort of joy in their heavy, sweet fragrance and massive production of pollen, there is absolutely no doubt about the beauty of these trees while in full bloom – they are absolutely incredible!

Maydays (Prunus padus) are also commonly known as European bird cherries or common bird cherries, as birds are really attracted to the small, bitter black fruits that appear in early autumn.  In addition to the splendid spring blossoms, Maydays also possess exceptional fall colour, featuring brilliant yellow leaves.   They are a great selection for urban landscapes, with a rounded crown and a fairly modest height (9 metres) and spread (7.5 metres); Maydays are also highly tolerant of pollution.

Are you growing any species of Prunus in your garden?  What are your favourites?  

I'm delighted to hear from you - thanks so much for your comments!

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