Floral notes: February 2012.

While I scarf down the last of the Valentine’s Day cupcakes ♥, please feel free to peruse this week’s Flowery Blurbs:

Worms are cool.  Way cooler than you ever imagined.

You already knew that worm castings made fantastic compost.  That’s the reason why I recently set up a vermicomposter.  But it seems that Cornell University researchers have found out another amazing thing about worm poop:  it may actually hinder a certain pathogen from causing damping off, the bane of young seedlings.  Read about their findings here.

Let’s talk carbon and pulp.

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development have recently released a report, Carbon Footprint Analysis for Wood and Agricultural Residue Sources of Pulp, and while it may make for dry reading for some tastes, it’s actually an interesting comparision of the environmental impact, viability, and sustainability of wood vs. crop residues such as wheat straw for use as pulp.  You can examine the document here.

These water plants are over-the-hill.  Really, REALLY over-the-hill.

A scientist from Australia has determined that there is a long stretch of seagrass growing in the Mediterranean that is the oldest living organism on the planet.  And when I say “old,” I’m not kidding.  Find out how many candles are required for a proper Posidonia oceania birthday celebration here.

Artist creates impermanent “land art.” 

A German artist named Walter Mason makes insanely beautiful “sculptures” out of leaves and other organic (mostly plant) materials, in outdoor settings.  The art is photographed and then left to revert to nature (or as “natural” as it’s going to get after it has been twisted and arranged into pretty patterns and shapes).   Enjoy his “autumn” art and his “spring and summer” art.

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