Gift ideas for gardeners (the dare to dream version).

Yes, it’s a repeat from last year – but I thought everyone could use a good chuckle! What would you add to this list?

Flowery Prose

Yesterday, I reblogged a post of practical and useful gifts for gardeners – a “serious” list, if you will. Today’s list is slightly different.

Gifts for Gardeners (The Dare to Dream Version)

  1. Secateurs of Perpetual Sharpness.
  2. Deer that favour dining on the Weed du Jour instead of precious cultivated plants.
  3. Banana plants hardy to Canadian hardiness zone 2.
  4. 100 percent germination of (desirable) seeds.
  5. An “undo” button for early autumn or late spring frosts.
  6. An instant pumpkin ripener. (Bonus points if it works on tomatoes, as well.)
  7. A dimension to banish red lily beetles/slugs/aphids into.
  8. A trowel finder. (Seriously, can someone please invent this? GPS tracking technology or something?)
  9. An always-accurate plant ID app.
  10. One-size-fits-all-gardens instant pop-up hail protection devices.

Join in on the fun! What “dare to dream” gardening gifts would you love to give or receive?

(Banana plant photo courtesy Pexels Free Images)

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  1. Sheryl, you definitely gave me a good laugh on a few of these “gifts”. 😁 Some of those I would most definitely ask for if I could.

  2. A drone that I could program to swoop down and “gently encourage” any rabbit who puts paw into any of my planting beds to think better of it and go eat the weeds in the lawn instead. Maybe the software could be called Planting-Bed Protection Program. If they can put a man on the moon…..

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