Alberta snapshot: Great blue heron.

I met our new neighbour a couple of days ago…seemed a bit taciturn, but exceptionally elegant and poised.

Tell me about birds you’ve seen recently in your yard, garden, or neighbourhood!


  1. Our backyard is aflutter with birds and their songs. Too many to list but here are a few—finches, chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals, humming birds, oven birds.

  2. how beautiful. I’ve been so happy to see the return of so many birds and so much wildlife, with the lessening of human interaction .

  3. Fantastic picture! I can never get a good shot of them when I’m out fishing on The Sheep. Haven’t seen any of them yet either.

  4. In mijn omgeving zijn er erg veel reigers.Telkens ik op wandel ga zie ik ze Gisteren zag ik eerst een blauwe reiger en nadien een grote witte reiger.Maar hier is dan ook veel water in de omgeving

    • My “Birds of Alberta” book says that the description of the sexes are “similar,” so I’m unable to tell if it is a he or she…last year, there were two of them but this year, I’ve only seen the one.

I'm delighted to hear from you - thanks so much for your comments!

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