Flowery music.

Some of you may remember this fun post from last year…but I’ve added some fresh new tracks and updated all the links so you can click and listen to “flowery music!” I love all the song suggestions readers have offered – if you think of any more, let me know! Enjoy!

Flowery Prose

A song I hadn’t heard in eons came on the radio the other day and I got to thinking about song titles and then that somehow morphed into thoughts about the garden, as pretty much everything does…  At any rate, this post is the result of my brain meanderings, and hopefully some fun for everyone who participates.

Let’s come up with songs that have “flowery” subjects in the titles!  It’s a chance to perhaps hear some tunes we haven’t in a long while, some awesome ones and some maybe a bit more middling….  😉

THE RULES: Songs must have a variation of the words “garden” or “flower,” or the name of a specific flower, vegetable, fruit etc. in the TITLE.  (Not in the lyrics).  Otherwise, everything and anything goes (well, except the really offensive stuff – let’s keep this above board). 

Go ahead and post the title of the song…

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  1. That was just after I was trying to find flowery music for the beginning of the garden show on the radio. I ended up using the old song about ‘If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to put some flowers in your hair’. I happen to like it, but sort of wanted something better.

  2. The Rose. It is a lovely song but can be somewhat sad or seem to bring a person down even more if not listened to on the right day.

  3. Nothing comes to mind at the moment but I’ll give it some thought. I guess I’ve never considered the song titles before but it’s an interesting way of looking at them. Fun. Love the list so far.

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