A quick tip to deal with cutworms.

A fun surprise in my inbox this week – I started reading this post with interest and quickly realized the tip about cutworms was very familiar…I wrote it! (I’ve volunteered with the Calgary Horticultural Society for many years and do various writing projects for them).

The Wellspring Community Garden is one facet of the valuable services and support Wellspring Calgary offers to those living with cancer and their families – please take a look at their website here: https://wellspringcalgary.ca/

Wellspring Calgary Community Garden

I read this article in the Calgary Horticultural Society’s July 7th issue and thought you might find it interesting too:

“How do I prevent cutworm damage in the vegetable garden?

Keep the area around the vegetables absolutely weed free – this helps control the spread of cutworms because they like laying their eggs on plants that are not their food sources, such as grass. “Collar” your young plants as soon as they emerge out of the soil – you can raid your recycling bin and use empty toilet paper rolls or used single-serve yogurt cups (with the bottoms cut out). Sink the collars about 2.5 to 5 cm into the soil.”

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