Calgary snapshot: Regal Cat Cafe.

A couple of weeks ago, my hubby and I honoured a very special reservation for coffee and baked treats at a café in the neighbourhood of Kensington here in Calgary.

We had a few guests join us afterwards.

Of the furry variety.

You see, we spent the morning at the Regal Cat Café, where you can sit and enjoy a delicious tea or coffee and a scrumptious variety of baking, and then, if you choose (and who wouldn’t?), you can pay a small fee to spend the better part of an hour entertaining and being entertained by a roomful of cats.  The Café works in conjunction with The MEOW Foundation, a Calgary cat rescue charity, and the cats you get to play with are all up for adoption.  The money you pay to spend time with the cats goes to help fund the Foundation’s work.


It was probably the most delightful morning I have spent in years.  We don’t have a cat, but I am utterly infatuated with them, so to have free time just to play with these rescues and watch them do goofy, fun cat things, was such a treat.  And the Café’s ultra-spacious, kitty-approved (and quite frankly, supremely swanky) accommodations, completely separate from the food, are set up with all manner of hiding spots, climbing areas, platforms, scratching posts, blankets, chairs, and sunny nooks just for snoozing.  It’s absolutely perfect.  (There is even an inner room with a sink for washing up and lockers to securely leave your belongings in).


For anyone in Calgary who wants to visit the Café, there are a few drop-in cat visits permitted, but they do prefer advance registrations.  The number of people allowed in the room at one time is restricted.  And you have to observe a few rules for the safety and comfort of the cats (and you), but everything is clearly explained when you get there.


I’m looking forward to filling up my new Loyalty card at this wonderful place.  🙂


  1. That is quite interesting. I wonder if Edmonton has something similar for those dog lovers out there. We are not cat lovers ourselves, not in the way that you are by any means, but it sounds like a terrific spot to go to for a coffee/tea and dessert, all while getting your cup full of love and giving a cup full of love, to a feline in need.


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    • Hi, Kathy! Hope you’re doing well! There doesn’t seem to be a lot of dog cafes in Canada; some may open up soon as they’re becoming more popular in the States. I did find a really interesting place in your neck of the woods, though – the Doggy Style Deli is a place where you can take your dog and the dog can eat gourmet food from their “just-for-dogs” menu. (No human food made there). They will even host dog birthday parties (complete with cakes just for the dogs!). They also have a store so you can buy dog toys, bagged food, etc.. Interesting!

    • Yes, I agree with you! – the socialization is such a key part of it. The cats seemed so content while we were there, and the place is designed so perfectly for them. When we were there, all but 2 of the current batch had already been adopted. They just bring in more cats on a rotation (every couple of months, as far as I understand). So wonderful!

  2. What a delightful time! Your photos are gorgeous, Sheryl. I’m glad you had such a good time visiting the kitties. I wish you could bring one home to stay, but barring that, how nice to have this option.

  3. Thee are a few cat cafés in Britain, though none that close to where I live. They are such a good idea – good for the cats and good for anyone in need of a little bit of cat company. I’m glad you had a great time, Sheryl.

  4. I love this idea and would have a hard time leaving any behind when I left. I don’t think we have anything like that here but I wish we did. I’d go in a heartbeat. how fun can that be!

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