Alberta snapshot: Beaver Flats Interpretive Trail, Kananaskis Country.


A quick stroll during the first week of the new year….


The scale and skillful construction of even the smallest beaver dam never ceases to amaze me – and when the little critters truly go to town, this is the result….


    • Yes, I can definitely see that – they can do too much! We read a sign on the trail that said that if the beaver population in the area became too large at any point, some of the animals would be relocated – the park wants to preserve its trees as well.

  1. They have recently reintroduced beavers to south Devon, with mixed reactions. They were, before us stupid folk hunted them to extinction, native in this country. I, for one, am happy that they are back. Long may they live.

    • I think reintroduction into places where they were once native is fantastic. It seems that we have way more of them – in this part of Canada, at least – than I recall seeing when I was a child. I love to see that! I can understand that very large populations can be a bit of an issue, however – it makes sense that Parks Canada and other organizations must take action to relocate them if that happens.

  2. I’ve lived in my house on the Mill Pond for about a dozen years now, and have never known beavers to be here until this year. I haven’t seen them, but my next door neighbors reported that they were living a few houses down the shore. Haven’t seen anything being built yet, though.

      • It will probably be a nuisance, since the pond is actually a very wide spot in Dowagiac Creek and therefore is a moving body of water that really needs to keep on moving. There is already a real dam at one end of the pond, otherwise the “pond” wouldn’t be there. But the homeowners association gets to control the flow into and out of the dam. Beavers are ineligible to join the association…LOL

  3. What great timing! In my second book, “Library Lost,” some of the characters have just come upon a beaver pond, and I was wondering how it was going to look. A dam? A lodge? Both? Then along comes you pictures and “Eureka!” I said. That’s how I want the pond to look. Many thanks!

  4. Hi, Sheryl. Happy that you liked one of my posts because now I get to visit your lovely blog. A bit off topic, I was in Edmonton two Christmas’ ago to celebrate the holidays with my eldest daughter. She gave us a tour of the Jasper area which was insanely beautiful. Love your beaver dam photos. ❤

    • Thanks so very much for following my blog and commenting – I’m delighted to hear from you! Jasper is one of my favourite places to visit – so many beautiful sights! I’m glad you got a chance to tour the area a bit.

  5. Beavers are such cool little characters. All our animal friends have their talents, don’t they. I am happy to hear they are re-locating the beavers instead of trapping and killing them. Jeanne

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