Canada 150.

2017 is a big year of celebration for Canadians, as it marks our country’s sesquicentennial (150th anniversary of Confederation). While working on some research for a writing project, I came across a few fantastic links that I thought I’d share…even if you’re not Canadian, you might enjoy the insight that these resources give into our people, our history, and our culture.

Library and Archives Canada is putting up a post #OnThisDay, for every day of the year, noting significant events and people in Canadian history.  It’s a fascinating follow – if you hurry, you can catch up on all of January’s entries before February first rolls around.

Heritage Canada is diligently providing digitized archives of millions of documents from the 1600’s to the mid-1900’s here. This is a massive treasure trove of Canadian history, free for everyone to access. Genealogists might find the site particularly useful.

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is doing a 150 Stories project to celebrate multiculturalism in Canada.  Read the stories of new Canadians, notable leaders, and historical events here.   🍁


  1. [J] Sheryl, thank you for this. An inclusive history, one that recognizes the stories of all its peoples, is the key to building and maintaining a nation of peoples. Historically – until the 19thC, a nation was not so much defined by geograpical boundaries, but by common race/culture/history/religion etc. And boundaries could be pushed out to make room as their population and expectations grow. Apparently, Russia still subscribes to this view! Canada, however, is increasingly the example of the modern nation: one that accepts its boundaries, and extends its rights (and duties!), and adapts itself – including its construct of history – to include all its citizens.

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