Alberta snapshot: Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary.

Zeus and Kaida

My brother, my hubby, and I had the incredible opportunity to take a guided, interactive tour at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary near Cochrane, Alberta a couple of weekends ago.  The sanctuary is a permanent home for several rescued/surrendered wolfdogs (and one coydog), all of which would probably not be alive today without this amazing facility and its staff.  (The Sanctuary also rehomes adoptable wolfdogs).

Education about wolfdog behaviour and correcting the unfortunate misinformation about their breeding is the focus of the talk that accompanies the tour, and the highlight was the ability to feed treats to some of them (and get in a few pats if willing).  The high content wolfdogs such as Zeus and Kaida in the photograph above, are of course not receptive to touch but they were certainly keen on the chicken we offered!  If you want to learn more about the Sanctuary and its work (plus see photos and learn the histories of the other wolfdogs), check out their website here.


    • The sanctuary is amazing, with huge, open spaces for the wolfdogs to roam around in. The staff are so good with them, too – you can tell they really love being with the animals. I was super impressed with the work that they do.

      • I’ve been in Alberta and B.C. this summer, Sheryl. I love it here. I’m in Edmonton for one more day. We had a wonderful two days in Jasper and time on Skywalk above the Columbian Glaciers. Breathtaking.

        • I am delighted to hear that you’re enjoying your stay in Alberta and B.C. – so many beautiful places to visit and experience! You must be having a ton of fun with Boomdee, too! I saw your post about her page creation – what a process! Very cool! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in western Canada when you return home.

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