Floral notes: March 2016.


How about that February?

*crickets chirping*

Yep, I’m more than ready to start a new month.

I don’t have much content for my monthly round-up of “interesting stuff” (highly technical term) because I’ve done barely any reading other than research for various projects I’ve been working on…but here are a few things that caught my eye during the past 29 days:

Alberta garden guru and greenhouse owner Rob Sproule has an e-book chock full of seeding and growing tips for novice (and not-so novice) gardeners – you can download it for free here. This would be best suited for zone 2-4 gardens but the basic info is good no matter where you live.

If you’re a photographer – amateur or professional – this article about ethics might get the brain juices flowing.  How we treat our subjects and the environment is incredibly important, and definitely bears thinking about before we take that shot.  Even if (especially if) we’re just taking sight-seeing pics as tourists….

Pure eye-candy here – these are the winning photos from the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition.  Even if you don’t click on any of the other links I’m giving you today, indulge in this one.  Everyone deserves a treat.

Now, here’s an ambitious gardening project if ever I’ve heard of one…how about planting a Horologium florae (garden clock)?  Too much work for me, but fascinating all the same.

Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, this article about love letters in the digital age is still interesting (and a bit of a head-scratcher). What do you think about this?

Finally, here’s a REALLY short list of things I posted elsewhere in the last month or so and/or quite possibly today (!). Ahem.

A recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts on Grit.com.

Musings on books I read last year (because I’m that behind) on my other WordPress blog The Door is Ajar:  Natalie Bernhisel Robinson’s Living Wreaths and the amazing cookbook Under the Shade of Olive Trees.


Enjoy the first day of March!  Do you have any plans for the start of the month?






  1. I am glad it’s March too! Perhaps the weather will start to settle down a little – though we are told we may get snow at Easter! Thanks for all the links! I don’t think my phone conversations with my husband ( before he was my husband) would be worth retrieving! We also wrote letters when he was working away from home but we usually only wrote about very mundane things! Not very romantic I’m afraid!

    • We’ve been told we’re in for snow over Easter as well! But we could sure use the moisture….

      I agree with you on the preservation of digital love letters (love tweets?) – I actually do still have a few letters from when my hubby and I were dating but I haven’t read them in so long. Most of them were about work or school, though – they weren’t overly romantic!

  2. I really enjoyed the international photos, well, because I love eye-candy! lovely. I just watched the documentary on Vivian Maier
    I love nature but she was such an interesting person that I enjoyed her photos that were found in a trunk at an auction by someone. She did not have photoshop like all of us do to do all the interesting things to her shots… nature usually needs no help:-) thank you for sharing

  3. Those photos in your link are wonderful! I have read about the flower clock, and think it must be an impossible task getting it right!

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