Alberta snapshot: Mount Black Prince and Warspite Lake.


Mount Black Prince with Warspite Lake in foreground, Kananaskis Country – snowshoe trek on 6 February 2016.  Venturing across the lake would have been too risky due to avalanches.  

Absolute majesty.


    • It looks way colder than it was due to the wind – it was actually chinooking like mad and it was quite balmy. (I almost roasted tackling the hill that leads up to the lake, lol!). With the chinook came that dark, deep cloud so it appears really gloomy.

    • It definitely would have been too risky to go any farther! I like the fact that there are some really good websites offered by the mountain parks and you can check before you go – I read on several sites about the avalanche danger in that part of the backcountry, so we knew not to venture out past a certain point.

  1. Sheryl, I know that envy is not an admirable quality, but none the less, I am envious. What an incredible place, AND you were snowshoeing!.

    • We finally found some decent snow! 🙂 It’s been so warm here this winter, the snow conditions have not been ideal, to say the least. I was really moved by the scenery in this place – when we came into full view of the mountain, I was just completely awed. I want to head up there again in the spring (but I heard from a hiker friend after I told her I went on this trip that there are several grizzly bears that reside in this area in spring and summer so I’m a bit leery about that).

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