Alberta snapshot: Along The Cowboy Trail.

The ranch lands in the foothills of the Rockies have been repeatedly Chinook-scoured – you won’t find much snow out here right now!  I took these photos on January 30, just east of Chain Lakes, where my hubby, brother, and I had spent a few hours ice fishing.

*If you’re interested, here’s the Cowboy Trail route information.  It’s a very scenic (if a bit meandering) 700 kilometer drive partway across the province.  We’ve traveled it on numerous occasions, albeit not the whole thing all at once.


  1. You go ice fishing?! I’ve always been a little mystified about the appeal of that. We watched some guys SCURRYING off the lake in front of our house last week–the ice was breaking up under their feet, I guess!

    • We don’t go very often…we’re kind of “fair weather” winter anglers, lol. I REALLY don’t like being cold! 😉

      Yikes – can’t imagine rushing to get off a lake if the ice was iffy. Such a risk to take!

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