Alberta snapshot: Larch and blue sky.


Amazing colour practically* in my backyard.

(*It’s in a public park just over the fence.  But if I actually had a backyard, there would absolutely be a larch or two in it).


Whether they’re the wrong hardiness zone or you don’t have the space or the right conditions for them, which plants do you dream about growing if you could? 


  1. I noticed trees like this in the NW tonight, I didnt know they were larch trees. I thought they were just some scragley looking spruce in the throws of death. Nice pic

  2. Hi Sherry,

    Beautiful pictures, we have a few golden trees in our neighborhood too, but the best part is already over.



  3. A nice fall picture! I’d love to have an orchard of fruit trees, but for now I have two crab apples , two apples and a damson plum due to be planted tomorrow.

    • It is wonderful to live near a park – it’s not a very large one, and it has two sports fields in it (one for soccer, and one for baseball) as well as a playground for small children, but it has nice quiet places to sit and several beautiful trees.

      I had a small coffee plant as a houseplant once (I wish I could grow them outside!) but I couldn’t keep it alive more than a year. They are such beautiful plants with those lovely glossy leaves. It seems particularly horrible that yours were destroyed by snow – how awful! Maybe some day you can try again. 🙂

  4. I love this photo–that sky! If I had the room (and would live long enough to see it grow!), I’d plant a sugar maple. I love everything about them!

  5. A beautiful photograph Sheryl of a beautiful tree. If I had the space and I would need a park, an English Oak. Our local church has several American Oaks which look spectacular in the Autumn as the leaves turn red.

  6. Gorgeous photo. When I lived in BC we never saw these trees but since we moved out to eastern Canada I get to see larches all the time now. Love these trees. Ours haven’t turned colour yet though so you must be a week or two ahead of us.

    • I’m surprised that the larches are hanging onto their needles as long as they are…we’ve been pleasantly surprised by beautiful foliage colour this year. It would be wonderful to see the fall colour out your way – I know it’s usually much more pronounced than here!

  7. A really lovely shot ! We have wanted a larch in our garden for a few years but have held back because so many here are succumbing to a new disease – yet another problem for our poor trees.

  8. I miss snowdrops, they are always the first flowers to make an appearance in winter in Ireland, but they don’t grow here in the south of France. They are my favourite flowers, they give the promise of spring to come!

    • They are so beautiful – they give the impression that they are so delicate, but they are tough little things. I just planted some for the first time this fall and I’m excited to see if they come up next spring. I can see why you miss them so – they truly are special.

  9. A lovely photo. Blue and yellow is my favourite colour combination in flowers and gardens. I want to grow too many things but I would love to live somewhere warm enough to grow tropical hibiscus outdoors. There are so many amazing colour combinations and the flowers are so beautiful

  10. I didn’t realize the trees were Larch trees. I don’t think I’ve seen them around here….they are not popular anyway….I’ll be keeping my eye open for them now. If I could grow whatever I wanted regardless of zone I would definitely have a Dogwood Tree, a roddodendrum like the ones on the coast, not the frost hardy kind that don’t have the numerous colours….just pink.


  11. Delightful photo. reminded me of my youth in The Netherlands where in my parents garden grew a giant lark. I made several attempts in various gardens and in various climates to grow an apple tree…they are all so prone to dissease, and nasty insects. And over all those years, i was only once able to bake one apple pie from my own harvest;0)

  12. Lovely! I do love larches. If I had the right conditions I would grow so many plants…. phlox, delphiniums, cleome, rudbeckia, chrysanthemums… snails and slugs are the problem here! 😉

    • Those creepy-crawlies do make things tricky, that’s for sure! It’s too bad they are such a nuisance – those are all wonderful plant choices and I can easily imagine all of them having a place in your beautiful garden. 🙂

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