Snowshoeing at Hogarth Lakes.

The past couple of weeks have been a bit too cold (understatement) and mostly too busy (also an understatement) to head out to the mountains and strap on the snowshoes – but here’s a look back at a trip my hubby and I took in January.  We’d never been out to Hogarth Lakes before, so the scenery was a real treat for us, even if the skies were grey and snow fell the whole time.  It’s a sheltered spot and there was very little wind (yay!), except for a massive gust at one point when we rounded a corner and the trees blasted powdery flakes down on top of us.


Hogarth Lakes is a hiking/snowshoeing loop in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, in Kananaskis, Alberta.   We got there by driving south on the Smith-Dorrien Road from Canmore until we reached the Burstall Pass trailhead – the road was in surprisingly good condition that day, considering the snowfall.  Even so, we were reassured by the sight of a snowplough as we headed up towards the parking lot.  Mountain roads…not to be trifled with!


This short (4.4 km) loop is relatively flat and great for beginners – it would be one families could take their younger children out on, especially if the trail is packed down.  We found a bunch of side trails that looked like fun, but we stuck to the main loop, especially after we were warned by a group who had stopped for refreshments that they had noticed some open water on one of the side trails they took.  Better not to risk it, especially as we aren’t familiar with the landscape.



Here are a couple of shots of the Spray Lakes Reservoir near Canmore.  I took these photos on our trip back into town after snowshoeing.  You can see the sun had briefly emerged – of course!  🙂



I would love to see the Lakes in other seasons as well – I’m looking forward to heading out there again.  We’ll definitely be back with the snowshoes!

You can find a link to a map of the Hogarth Lakes Loop here.

Another account of an excursion to Hogarth Lakes can be found by clicking the link in Hiking With Barry’s post 5 Great Snowshoe Trips – Kananaskis.


  1. The light was brighter but I love those overcast days when it looks like you live in an Ansel Adams photograph. Of course it always seems like I’m traveling somewhere and never have my camera with me. Bring your camera this weekend!

  2. This is perfect! We all got snowshoes for Christmas and have been looking for places to go. We tried this area at Christmas but there wasn’t enough snow. January blew by and now February is pretty chilly. This is a great reference! Hope all is well, Thea

    • Thanks, Thea! Hogarth is lovely, a real winter wonderland. I think you’d really enjoy it – and it looks like the weather is finally going to warm up later this week…. There is another great loop called Elkwood in Peter Lougheed Park (closer to highway 40) that we did last year – you might like that one as well.

  3. Very nice shots. Snow and open water is a stunning combination.

    Are you as cold down there as we are at the moment….-34 with wind? Too cold for snowshoeing.

  4. That is such beautiful countryside Sheryl – really love the photos with the reflections on the water. I don’t know why snowshoeing hasn’t caught on here as you can go on lesser used trails – cross-country skiing is very popular although I haven’t ever tried it myself. Hope you get some time and suitable weather to go again soon – must be a great feeling out in the wilderness in all that spectacular snowy scenery!

    • That’s interesting! I’m surprised to hear that snowshoeing isn’t popular there – in many ways, it’s easier to do than cross-country skiing and as you say, you don’t need groomed runs to snowshoe. I like cross-country skiing, but I haven’t been at all this winter, despite the great snow.

  5. that sure looks like a beautiful destination for the day. I love when the trees are just buried in the snow. That’s one great thing about Calgary is your proximity to the mountains. You can easily head to Kananaskis for just the day, beautiful.

    • It’s true, it’s really wonderful to have the mountains next door…unfortunately, I don’t seem to have the time to get out there as often as I would like! If I had my way, I would go every weekend…. 🙂

    • Thank you! We’ve definitely had a lot of “winter” – I don’t mind the snow but the cold is getting to be a huge drag now. You’ve been caught up in some horrible weather, though, too – I do hope it’s getting better there.

    • I hope so, too! I really want to get out a few more times before the snow leaves us…but the avalanche risk in the mountains increases as the season moves onward so we will have to choose different routes. But there are some nice places even here in the city; we will have to explore them as well.

  6. Very pretty country. I have always wanted to try snowshoeing but never had the opportunity. I think it can be fun and invigorating.

  7. I used to love to snow shoe and brought out my 30 year old homemade snow shoes during out big snow this week. I didn’t get far because of the bindings but am so glad you were able to do such a nice loop!
    Your photography is wonderful … love those reflections!

    • Thanks so much! I love wooden snowshoes – mine are the metal type and I often wonder what it would be like to try out the more traditional style. It’s too bad your bindings gave out – I hope you’ll be able to replace them.

  8. My husband and I along with another couple went snowshoeing here on the weekend. It was beautiful, so quiet and the air was so fresh. I read your post before we left so we were very informed as to where to go. Thank you!

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