Snowshoeing trek: Troll Falls.

A couple of weekends ago, I had a rare Saturday off of work, so my hubby and I headed out to Kananaskis Country to snowshoe the popular, very short (3 km) trail to Troll Falls. We’ve been meaning to go out there in the summertime, but somehow never got around to it, and now I want to go back more than ever.  This is an easy trek on mostly flat terrain, and we were lucky that there was a defined path carved out (although the snow was so fluffy and light we could have easily broken our own trail).



You can get very close to the falls, although there were a few other groups there and it’s rather tight quarters.  Apparently, there is another route through some rocks to a different vantage point, but we didn’t want to remove our ‘shoes and I had left the ice cleats back in the truck.  Definitely something to check out in the summer, though.  We noticed a climber getting ready to scale the rock face next to the falls – he was just getting the ascent underway as we left to allow another group to move in.


It’s so early in the season that the falls weren’t completely frozen, and the water was rushing out behind the icy front.  Beautiful!


  1. That frozen falls is really beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like that, never having been anywhere that swiftly falling/moving water would freeze…Looks like an amazing hike.

  2. Sheryl, that waterfall looks like a sculpture. Beautiful!
    I love snowshoeing (although it’s been several years since I’ve been able to go)

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