Alberta Snapshot: Valleyview farmland.

Sept 2015 061

Fence and farmer’s field – Valleyview, Alberta – 6 September 2015

Is summer over already?  We have heavy frost in low-lying areas here this morning, and we’ve already had snowfall in the city twice since mid-August.  I ran out to the community garden last night to cover my zucchini and some of my herbs, so hopefully all made it through the night.  I’m not ready to put the garden to bed just yet!  But the leaves are changing colour very quickly (accelerated by the drought and heat stress from the summer) and the farmers are scrambling to get their crops off the fields.  It was a terrible year for farming in the province, and the frost and late rains are now making things worse.

Environment Canada has stated that we’re going to have a long, hot, dry autumn – guess we’ll see!  The birds and the insects and the plants (and the weather!) seem to suggest otherwise….


  1. I’ve given up predicting anything climate-related. All I can say is we keep alternating between October in August weather and August in September weather. Today is one of the hot humid ones, as has been so for the last 3 days. If I get all the tomatoes processed I’ll be happy. Also have a huge quantity of basil waiting to become pesto. Winter squash is almost ready to store and may get some green beans canned although they’ve been sort of a bust this year.

  2. The geese were flying over us the last few days reminding us that cold weather is in the near future. I too hope for the long warm fall weather that is predicted but….
    My tomatoes are still out but thinking of picking and letting them ripen indoors to avoid the hassle of covering on the cool nights. So far we have not had frost at our house yet this season so here’s hoping for a few more weeks.

  3. Crumbs! Frost already! Here in the UK the ‘summer’ has been erratic and unpredictable, and now, in early September, it is cold and grey. We really need some sunshine to dry out the soil after all the rain, before the winter arrives.

  4. Sheryl, I am sorry to read your weather is causing such terrible problems. I followed your link, what a very worrying time for you all over there. I hope there is some light for you all.

    • I adore that fence – I try to photograph it every time we travel through that area.

      We’re so close to the mountains that our weather is a bit hard to take sometimes – we can get snow in any month of the year. Makes gardening extra-exciting! 😉

  5. I am sorry you have had such a terribly dry summer. The farming community will be suffering great hardship this winter no doubt. Our summer, as others have said, has been mainly cool and gloomy with a few hot spells now and then. I don’t feel ready for autumn yet!

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