Alberta Snapshot: Forgetmenot Pond.


A late-day shot of the beautiful pond in the shadow of Forgetmenot Mountain, near Bragg Creek, Alberta.


This cheeky gray jay (whiskey jack) was out with his buddies, buzzing daringly near my hubby and I, looking for handouts.  The pond is a popular picnic site and fishing hole during the summer, so the birds are used to getting “people” food.   I know they don’t migrate south for the winter, but I had to look up their cold-weather diet:  like their Corvidae relatives magpies and crows, they’ll eat pretty much anything from fruit to carrion, and they’ll even cache food in trees (actually, “on” trees is more accurate, as they apparently glue their food to tree branches using their saliva).  Interesting little guys.  I find them so entertaining to watch.


    • I know – snow already! 🙂 We’re supposed to get hit with four centimetres overnight here in the city, but there’s been snow up in higher elevations for a while now.

      Your comment about the size of the gray jay’s beak is an interesting one – especially as they eat similar foods. The jays seem to have beaks more like the shrikes, don’t they? Fascinating, and not something I had previously thought of.

  1. These photos are so beautiful!! I love the way the sun breaks through the clouds and follow a path on the water, magical! Do you know why it is called Forget-me-not Mountain…a sad love story of a lonesome homesteader maybe? It makes the imagination run wild!
    And I have a special fondness for the whole family of Corvidea…all such beautiful and clever birds. What treat this post is! Thank you, Johanna

    • Thank you very much, Johanna, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      I can’t seem to find any information about how the mountain (and later, the pond) got its name – I wonder if it is somehow related to the wildflowers, the alpine forget-me-nots. I do love your version much more, though, so romantic! I will keep searching…. 🙂

      I love the corvids, too – they are all remarkable birds, with fascinating personalities.

  2. Even if these photos weren’t superb, I’d love this post because of the names of the mountain and the bird! The photos are great examples of how beautiful gray and black can be.

  3. What gorgeous photos, Sheryl. I love that sweet little bird. We don’t see many in that light grey color. I’ve never heard of gluing food to a tree. Isn’t nature something? So many ways to stash, store, hide and collect dinner.

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