Saskatchewan snapshot: Sunset.


Photographed 11 July 2014.

The field featured is almost in Alberta – it’s actually in Saskatchewan, at a place called Alsask (fitting, if lacking originality).  I initially thought that Alsask was like Lloydminster and Cypress Hills, and was partly in Alberta and partly in Saskatchewan, but apparently, only the former village’s cemetery is in Alberta.  Alsask was the site of a military base between 1959 and 1987 but it no longer even holds status as a village; rather, it is considered a “special service area” incorporated within the nearby town of Milton.  I rather wish we had stopped to explore; according to Wikipedia, most of the original buildings are gone, but one of the military radar domes and an indoor swimming pool (used in the summer to this day!) are still there.

Forest fires were burning throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories at the time, so the smoky air lent an eerie glow to the sun.   I just loved the way that power lines looked against the sky; there’s something vaguely alien about the landscape to me, it’s a bit like something out of a science fiction novel.

Speaking of novels, what is currently on your reading list?  Anything that stands out for you – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever?  I’m dividing my time between several excellent cookbooks (including Karen Solomon’s Asian Pickles, and Small Adventures in Cooking by James Ramsden) and Kimberly Elkins’ debut novel, a fictionalized account of the life of Laura Bridgman called What is Visible?.  (I’m barely into it but it’s captivating so far). 



    • At least most of the fires so far this year were in fairly unpopulated areas… here in Alberta and up north, at any rate. In B.C., it’s a different story- but many firefighters from other provinces have headed over there to lend a hand.

  1. Gorgeous photo. We get amazing sunsets here too although none quite as eerie as yours. Maybe due to the forest fires? If you haven’t read Deborah Harkness’ series that begins with A Discovery of Witches, and if you like historical novels, put the trilogy on your reading list!

  2. Stunning photograph. Thank you for posting, and I always love to hear what people are reading.
    Right now, I’m discovering Tove Janssen, and will be reading The Summer Book, Fair Play, and The Sculptor’s Daughter. She was Swedish speaking from Finland, lived on an island, and I’m interested in her because of my Swedish ancestors and because she was an artist. I’m also dipping into old gardening books, discovering Jo Ann Gardner. I found a copy of her Gardens of Use and Delight, which looks intriguing – half how-to, half memoir of moving to and gardening on Cape Breton Island, and her The Heirloom Garden and Living With Herbs.

    • I have written down all of these titles – all of your suggestions are really up my alley! Going to look for Tove Janssen at the library; I believe she also wrote children’s books as well? I am familiar with those, but not her other work.

  3. I can’t count the number of times I drove down this highway to Biggar Saskatchewan! The sunrise and sunsets are amazing. I don’t remember ever seeing a sunset like this.

      • yes, years ago (more years than I care to count) when I was a student in SAIT I use to take the bus home, it always stopped in Alsask. There use to be an army base and the town had everything a small town would have – postoffice, stores, cafe, hotel, gas station. Now the base is closed, one of the three radar stations remains, but I haven’t been there for years so I am not sure what else is there.

  4. Hi Sheryl. Nice shot of the sunset, and lovely header too! I’ve just finished reading “What a Plant Knows” by Daniel Chamovitz. Maybe you have read it? Looking forward to a good novel now, but I am also constantly dipping into recipe books and wildflower reference books too. 🙂

    • Thank you, Cathy! I haven’t yet had a chance to read “What a Plant Knows” – I’m hoping to get to it soon, however. My list is rather large, LOL! Working in the library doesn’t help matters – I’m constantly seeing titles I simply MUST read!

  5. What a great photo…that view goes on and on and on…Is it really such flat country? And the lovely soft grey color that moves into sweet rose/red palette.
    I am always reading a stack of books but what stands out at the moment is ‘The Museum of Extraordinary Things’ by Alice Hoffman and a book on the Art of Tolkien. Thanks for your book tips!
    Have a loveley Sunday, Johanna.

  6. The smoky impact on the color of the sky is wonderful!
    As far as books go, I just finished Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings – based on history, in the time of slavery and the beginning of the fight for the rights of women as well as slaves

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