Alberta Snapshot: Fenceline.


Bowmont Natural Area, Calgary, Alberta.  Photographed 2 January 2014. 

(If this post (pun intended) looks familiar to you, you may be subscribed to my blog There is a Light, which I will shutter within the next little while.  Sadly, I’ve been very lax with posting new content there…and I think there is an overlap with Flowery Prose now, anyway.  I plan to move all of the photos from TIAL over to FP within the next few weeks, so I apologize in advance if these posts are “reblogs” for a few readers).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  What have you got planned?  I’m hoping the weather will finally break and I can get out for a long walk, but it’s snowing like mad now and there is still a high wind chill.  Maybe tomorrow!  🙂


  1. I love the picture, I keep thinking spring will be along soon. My mother also said “late easter, late spring” this year is proving her right I am afraid…. I am in Portugal enjoying the sunshine…..

    • Thanks, Cathy! What a difference a couple of days makes…we’re now on the plus side of zero degrees and the snow and ice is starting to melt! I’m so happy I could do a little dance! 😉

      Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  2. It’s a new photo to me. We have a Chinook wind too but we give it the boring name of Nor’wester. The sky is always very dramatic with a NW arch. I like the sky but I don’t like the wind.

    • I agree, the wind can get a bit tough to take. Until I moved to Calgary, I hadn’t realized that so many people are affected by the changes in the barometric pressure when a Chinook occurs – everyone here seems to be plagued with migraines and dizzy spells whenever one rolls in. I’ve even started to get headaches myself the past few years.

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