Happy Monday!


What a fabulous start to the week!  We’ve had such a marvellous break in the weather in southern Alberta these past couple of days – a far cry from the wind and snowstorms of last week.  Although we’re not technically under the influence of a Chinook, the bright sunshine and balmy temperatures have gobbled up the snow and I came back from my walk on Nose Hill this afternoon with my boots caked in mud.  It felt positively spring-like!

I just wish I could somehow store this warmth for those upcoming days when it’s minus forty and blowing snow!  Surely someone can create an app for that?  😉

What have you got going on this week?  Any fun plans or new projects?   


    • You were hit with so much more snow than we had here…at least there’s been a bit of a reprieve for you this week. I’m so behind on my reading…I noticed you had an entry posted about a winter walk you did, looking forward to seeing your photos.

  1. I love the app idea! Could use one here. I am knee deep in thanksgiving preparations. My mom, sister and daughter come into town tomorrow and I’m looking forward to having them all here. No matter the temperature, it’ll be warm and cozy inside the house.

  2. If they do come up with that app, send it on down to us – we’re experiencing frigid temps far ahead of their time here in our area of the northeast US. And we’re getting strong winds, and heavy rain/snow for the next three days – UGH!

  3. I guess that one day someone will invent a way to store the warm weather! Although I suppose one can already record it and play it again when the snows come . Perhaps in 3 D 😉

  4. Those unexpected days that are a relief from cold (or excessive heat) are such a joy! The temperature dipped to below freezing here last night; very early for us!

  5. It’s good to feel a milder breeze after a freeze. We’re currently having some frosty weather at last, and it’s perfectly fitting as I will be putting up decorations for Advent this week. 😀

    • I hope it’s not too wicked there yet…we’ve got a huge storm system headed our way, supposed to hit tomorrow night. I’m not looking forward to walking to work on Monday morning, that’s for sure!

      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! 🙂

  6. We got all hunkered down for the forecasted storm tonight and nothing happened. It’s now 2:15am and I’m thinking it might have missed us. Lucky you to get those chinooks. Isn’t it dark soooooo early right now. I think the sun went down at like 4pm today.

      • The Blizzard arrived yesterday with a vengeance. Blowing snow and drops in the temps. I walked to the market and post office and my cheeks were frozen 😀 I think you got it worse too, I was watching Global and oh man! Stay warm down there!

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