Flowery (foliage) Friday.


Leafy fun with the scanner on my printer….

The leaves haven’t all fallen from the trees yet, but I’m not sure we have much more autumn left in store here on the Prairies – we’re headed straight into winter, it seems! Plenty of snow in some parts already and, as I write this, the white stuff is accumulating on the ground here in Calgary.

Early wishes to everyone in Canada for a very Happy Thanksgiving!







Yep, autumn has definitely descended.

We’ve had some pretty strong winds here in Calgary, which has facilitated the “falling” part of the season, and now the evidence is lying everywhere:


So much for photosynthesis for this year!  I can sympathize – the shorter daylengths make me want to drop, too…into the soft cushions of my couch with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.  At least I’m not changing colour, as well (unless you count the fact that I seem to already be losing my summer tan).   😉

I can never resist the temptation to shuffle through the leaves and kick them around just to hear that satisfying rustle and crunch – it just never gets old.  I can totally understand the pure joy of this adorable pup (if you haven’t seen the video hit from YouTube yet, treat yourself – it’s precious!):

The “ground” leaves never last long around our apartment complex, because the landscapers come by nearly daily and blow them into bags to cart away (I seriously hope they’re “leafcycling!”).  I always have to scramble to make sure I get enough to pile into my perennial beds, and to put into small bags to save as bedding and food for my vermicomposting worms.  Yesterday, I scooped up a giant bag of golden poplar leaves to take over to our community garden’s compost bins – we now need a large source of “browns” to add the mountains of “greens” that we yanked out of the tired beds on the weekend during our final fall work bee.

What do you do with your fallen leaves?


(I took the photos in this post at the Silver Springs Botanical Garden, Calgary, Alberta)

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