Pines in the Normand Boucher Community Arboretum.


Isn’t the foliage of this whitebark pine simply LUXURIOUS?

This Pinus albicaulis specimen is part of a collection of 170 trees and shrubs in the Normand Boucher Community Arboretum, located in the town of Peace River, in northern Alberta.  Named for the founder of a local family-owned sawmill, the Arboretum was established in 1990 to honour the town’s designation as the provincial  “Forest Capital.”  A revitalization project six years later doubled the size of the Arboretum and allowed for the planting of many more trees. My hubby and I were delighted to attend our niece’s wedding at the Arboretum last July…and of course, I couldn’t help but take a bit of a tour while we were in town.

Of all the trees in the Arboretum, the pines captivated me the most.  I’m partial to conifers, anyway – growing up in northern Alberta will do that to a person.  I love living on the Prairies, but we don’t have nearly enough trees here!  🙂


Limber pine (Pinus flexilis)

What are your favourite trees (in your garden or otherwise)?  What do you love most about them?