Names for ‘Georgia Blue’.

In my last post, I mentioned that my creeping speedwell, Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’ (aka ‘Oxford Blue’) was blooming merrily away, but I failed to put up a photo, as the flowers looked a bit waterlogged after two days of heavy rain.  I’ll make it up to you now that the sun’s come out!


This Veronica is one of my favourite early season perennials – a reliable, hardy, tidy mound that can tolerate sun or shade, drought or moisture.  By lineage, ‘Georgia Blue’ is an excellent rock garden plant:  it is a native of the West Caucasus mountains in – you guessed it – Georgia.  Although it only sports masses of tiny, bright blue blooms for a short time in spring (and occasionally again in the cool weather of early autumn), the foliage is a treat in itself – the leaves turn bronze-purple when the temperatures cool.

A quick search on the ‘Net, however, lead me to a bit of a name-flap for my pretty plant:  it turns out it may not be V. peduncularis at all.  Yes, it’s definitely a ‘Georgia Blue,’ but there is a considerable amount of confusion regarding the species name.  As the plant label clearly identified it as V. peduncularis when I purchased the plant a few years ago, I’ve always used that name.  But it appears the plant label and I are likely wrong.  V. peduncularis should be correctly assigned the name V. unbrosa instead.  Or not…it seems that everyone is using both monikers synonymously.

Ah, nomenclature strikes again!  😉

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! 

Do you grow speedwell in your garden?