The calm.

It seems the monsoons of June may have gotten started here in southern Alberta (of course, they’re not “monsoons” in the technical sense of the word; we just typically get a lot of precipitation during this month and it feels sort of prevailing and neverending…well, at least by mid-month it does, anyway).  We’re also getting a little “July action” in the form of massive thunderstorms – these are violent outbursts that we usually see every night of some little event called the Calgary Stampede, right when the midway is filled to capacity with sweaty, screaming bodies and the concert stages are blasting live rock and country bands.  (Maybe if we get it all over with a month early, we can celebrate the Stampede’s 100th anniversary with spectacular weather.  Fingers crossed).  Last night’s storm was nasty, with lots of pelting rain, strong winds, and lightning that flashed so frequently it seemed like the sky was a giant strobe light.  I haven’t been over to my community garden plot yet today, so I’m not sure if the rain bounced my little veggie seedlings right out of the bed; hopefully there wasn’t too much damage.

These photos were taken before all that craziness hit, so there is none of that rainswept bedraggled look going on.  Some of these shots are from my garden; others are of pretty plants I’ve found during my walks in the neighbourhood.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Catmint from my garden

(A few of ) my shallots

Crabapple at Barrett Park

Spruce trees down on the corner

Kohlrabi seedlings from my plot

Columbine and catmint in my flowerbed

A neighbour’s flowering almond


A note about Blog Awards. 

A fun little thing that Wordpress bloggers have going on is a chance to be nominated by members of their community for various “blog awards” – it works sort of like a chain letter, actually, but it’s a novel way to introduce other bloggers and their sites to everyone and maybe find some new readers.  I just recently received a couple of nominations – jump over to my Virtual Bouquets tab if you want to check them out!