Seeing flowers.

Okay, it’s time for a break from whatever you’re doing…or procrastinating about doing.  (Or is that just me?).

Grab something lovely to drink.  Maybe this ginger-lime refresher, or – in my case – a cup of hot chocolate (which may or may not have Bailey’s in it).


(Photo may not actually depict real-time events such as ice and snow or million degrees below zero temperatures.  No one wants to see that). 

Then a treat.  Maybe a fresh-baked muffin?  I found this recipe for Honey Oat Banana Berry Muffins on Kitchen Simplicity the other day and just had to try them.  And, yes, they are as moist and tasty as you would imagine.  I paired the banana with saskatoons, but you could use any berries you like.  I just seem to have a lot of saskatoons in the freezer, which may be a sign that I got a bit carried away at the u-pick last summer.


And finally, find yourself a good book.  No, wait – an EXCELLENT book!  How about Teri Dunn Chace and Robert Llewellyn’s Seeing Flowers:  Discover the Hidden Life of Flowers?  I looked, I sighed, I drooled.  (And now I’ll have to sneak the waterlogged book past my co-workers at the library).    😉    Seeing Flowers is truly a delight for weather-weary minds, and an inspiration to gardeners and artists everywhere.  The book is divided into chapters based on families of flowering plants, and author Teri Dunn Chace offers a fascinating science lesson for each one, concisely describing what makes each flower look the way they do, and how flower form benefits plants.


But I really, really love this book for the photographs, which look like exquisite paintings.  If you’re not familiar with Robert Llewellyn’s work, you can see some of his images at this gallery.  (If you browse through the website, you’ll see more, such as some of the photos he did for the equally amazing Seeing Trees, which was published in 2011).

Are you seeing flowers in your garden?  (At this point, I’m thinking it might be July before the snow melts here, LOL).