Pothos: a low-maintenance, rewarding houseplant.

If I had only two words to describe pothos, they would be “ridiculously forgiving.” This plant is over 20 years old and was severely pruned before our last move, then jammed into a terrible low-light situation for a couple of years, but it just kept. on. going. (“Deeply determined?”) I finally found it a spot with more sunlight and it is rewarding me with tons of new growth. If you are struggling to grow houseplants, grab yourself one of these.

And if you are looking beyond the popular golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum), there are some absolutely incredible cultivars to track down for your collection. If you type the keywords “A Plethora of Pothos Varieties” into your search bar, you may find the page that pops up a bit inspirational. Seriously, get a napkin, ’cause you might catch yourself drooling.

Finally, this link might be helpful! Last year, I wrote an article about pothos and philodendron care for Farmers’ Almanac – you can find it here.

Adaptable. Beautiful.

Do you grow pothos? What other houseplants do you find to be extremely low-maintenance and reliable?