Flowery spotlight: Dwarf golden flax.

In the summer of 2005 I purchased a dwarf golden flax (Linum flavum ‘Compactum’) plant in a 10 cm pot from a garden centre.  I was in a blue flax phase (still am, as all the plants I bought then have blithely reseeded themselves everywhere) and I was thrilled by the promise of the bright yellow colour of this new-to-me flax.  I just stuck it in the ground in full sun, up against a wall, near some Salvia x superba and a ‘Confetti Cherry Red’ dianthus.

Fast-forward to summer 2012, and my dwarf golden flax was just LOADED with blooms this year…it’s finally finished now, but the blooming period is long (about six weeks, from mid-June to the end of July/early August).   It’s one of my favourite perennials in the garden, so cheerful and delicate-looking.  It’s a perfect, tidy mound, about 30 cm tall and 45 cm wide.  I never have to do anything with it and yet it performs like a star.  It’s amazingly drought-tolerant (which is great, because I am ghastly at watering regularly).  Dwarf golden flax doesn’t seem to reseed itself in the garden in the mad fashion of blue flax, so I haven’t had any volunteers pop up…to my dismay.  Maybe this year I should finally save some seed!

Are you growing dwarf golden flax?