new harvest this week in the veggie garden – peas!

I’m spreading a little blog love during the month of July! I’ll be reblogging recent entries from some of my favourite bloggers – I encourage you to click through and check out more of their work. Enjoy! ~Sheryl

Fresh Digs Garden Blog


Plus I am still eating lots of lettuce and arugula, although they’re both almost finished now.  How about you?


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14 thoughts on “new harvest this week in the veggie garden – peas!

  1. Hi Sheryl, thanks for reblogging me! I moved from Calgary to Edmonton in late 2016 and I continue to be amazed by how much better/faster/bigger everything grows here! Spring/summer/fall is much nicer here than Calgary, plus it stays warm when it rains! After 30 years in Calgary, I still can’t quite get used to that. I’ll just have to try to remember these things in the cold, dark months of winter! I sure miss Chinooks.
    ~ Janice

    • Hi, Janice – you’re so very welcome! I always enjoy seeing what you’re doing in your gardens! My Mum and Dad live in northern Alberta as well and they also have huge success with their garden – the location really does make a difference! The vagaries of Calgary weather can truly be tough to take! The weather is much more stable in the north.

  2. What a lovely garden she has! I’m still harvesting lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, green onions, and an assortment of herbs. I lost so much to the wild critters. Thanks for sharing her post with us. Her gardens beds are quite inspiring! Have a wonderful weekend! Koko

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