Looking for some colour….

We’re in “dirty snow” mode here in Calgary, that eye-dulling time of year when EVERYTHING is grey and all the potholes and garbage buried for the past five months start materializing once again.  We are guaranteed to get a minimum of 16.275 mini-snowstorms yet before June – two before the end of this week! – so the greyness will be tempered by layers of fresh, sparkling white, but right now, my brain is absolutely crying out for some colour.

So, I turned to the blogosphere, and I am immensely comforted by the fact that there is a nice bit of colour going on elsewhere in the world.  For example:

Words and Herbs

Gardening Nirvana

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Cynthia Reyes

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Duver Diary


Garden in a City

A New Day: Living Life Almost Gracefully

Frank King Photos

….just to name a few.*


And then at work, I noticed that all of the pink and red Pelargoniums that one of my co-workers has saved over the winter are blooming merrily away in the huge bay windows we have in the building. Overwintered P.‘s always surprise me with their transformations: they get so robust, it’s as if they’re working with a personal trainer, and they bloom like every sip of sunshine and speck of sugar in every single cell is bursting to get out. There are about eight of them in the library right now, part of a larger collection of both ‘Regal’ and the – ahem! – less regal (but just as delightful) P.‘s that are snowbirding in my co-worker’s home. It seems strange to me that these plants are so showstoppingly vibrant in this setting, yet the customers appear to rarely spare them a glance.  I would love to poll people and ask if they noticed the flowers.  Do you find you actually see the indoor plants in public spaces, like libraries, shopping malls, medical clinics, offices etc.?  Maybe most people don’t unless the arrangements are particularly bold.  Or maybe gardeners take notice more often because we’re keyed to look for plants?  What do you think?

*Please add your links to your “colourful” blog posts to the comments – the more, the merrier!  Share away!  

47 thoughts on “Looking for some colour….

  1. Those are beautiful flowers. I love the idea of the Pelargonium working with a personal trainer! Made me grin. I am used to seeing the predictable large-leafed green plants without blooms. But one early Spring, at the Rehab hospital, I noticed tulips and daffodils blooming in the small courtyard, and it was such a lovely sight.

    1. For some reason your post ended up in my spam folder and I didn’t see it until now! Thanks so very much for your comments and adding your blog post in the link – such beautiful colour in your early spring garden! I love that you’ve planted so many different varieties for the hummingbirds! Happy Spring!

  2. Laurie Graves

    Same here in Maine for the dirty mode. I hate this time of year because of course the dirt does not stay outside. 😉 Those flowers are gorgeous. Can’t imagine patrons not noticing them. Maybe this grey season has lowered their spirits so much that not even beauty can lift them. Oh, sad, if that is true!

    1. It has been a long winter for many – plenty of complaining going on here, especially with another snowstorm rolling in tonight. But you can see the changes in season happening now and I know we’ll get a break soon….

  3. That picture up above definitely made MY day feel a lot more colorful! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I am wondering if we can grow some here without any issues. Thank you Sheryl! I see whatever flowers there are in most places I go to, whether a doctor’s office, dentist, mall area, whatever. But I must say I love to see colorful blooms that are real more than I like to see just greenery or the artificial flowers out there. More LIFE to them! 🙂

    1. You can definitely grow them there, Kathy – indoors or out when the weather finally warms up! You should give them a try, they’re marvelously easy to look after. I’m glad you take the time to enjoy flowers and plants wherever you go – I think they really do lift a person’s spirits! And I’m with you on the real versus artificial debate, although there are some fantastic artificials out there nowadays….

  4. Lovely shots of colour Sheryl! And thanks for putting me on the list. We are slowly getting a bit more colour, and what I crave most right now is the colour green! I potted up some spring flowers today and will try and post a picture soon but it has been raining all afternoon. 🙂

    1. I had two comments from this blog post go to my spam folder – and yours was one of them! I have no idea why…and I’m sorry for not seeing it until today! I love the phrase “sumptuous pelargonium” – it sounds just wonderful when said aloud! I can always tell from your blog posts that you notice plants wherever they are…you always spot some amazing ones on your walks…. 🙂

      1. How kind you always are, Sheryl! I tend to walk looking down in case I trip up over something or tread in something! I love plants and flowers and of course, unlike birds and animals they can’t run/fly away before I get my camera out!
        I am often surprised at what ends up in my spam folder and I’ve started checking it every day. 🙂

      1. It’s been a long, long winter for Canada as well as the eastern US. I feel so lucky living in California where our weather is mild. I think you know that I started out in Ontario, Canada so I remember the cold winters. I hope this is the last of your snow.

  5. Gray here again and again too. Hyacinth is blooming but nothing inside as I don’t have enough light for anything. Love the colors of the P’s and I would notice the flowers. I love them anywhere I see them.

  6. This year I have become a bit more interested in houseplants and so yes, I have been noticing plants in indoor public places. I’m particularly excited when I see maranta and/or calathea as I’m finding these particularly challenging to grow in our dry climate.

    1. The old Devonian Gardens were absolutely lovely, and a joy to visit, especially in the winter! The new ones are not as beautiful, but I enjoy the use of space and the plant selections they put in. The gardens have been closed for some time and undergoing renovations so it will be interesting to see what they will look like when they reopen.

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