The Door is Ajar: Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton.


Dragon Teeth – Michael Crichton (2017, HarperLuxe, New York)

Published nearly a decade after his death, Michael Crichton’s “undiscovered” novel Dragon Teeth is a decent mash-up of history, science, and good old-fashioned storytelling, inspired by the outlandish, well-documented, and sometimes extremely violent rivalry between late 19th century American paleontologists Othniel Charles Marsh and Edwin Drinker Cope. Their quests (competition?) to find and document fossilized dinosaurs and other creatures of the distant past in a cultural climate that was struggling to wrap its collective noggin around evolutionary theory is fascinating – especially when you consider that they did most of their bone-hunting and collecting in the wild west, where, if you weren’t bit by a rattlesnake or died of exposure or illness, you could suffer death, injury, or at the very least, be swindled out of all your worldly possessions by any number of unsavory characters.  A quick, (at times overly) simple, entertaining read.

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  1. Hi Sheryl. Thanks for the info. Just wondering, off topic here, why there are two of the same dating website ads after your write-up?? They are somewhat offensive and not very polite to be put into your writing area.

    • Hi, Kathy, hope you’re having a fantastic week! I’ve been thinking about upgrading my WordPress package to get rid of the ads – the version I’m using drops them in and I can’t do anything about the content (in fact, I can’t even see them on the administrative side). If they are offensive, then I absolutely need to do something about it and upgrade. Thanks so much for letting me know!

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