The Door is Ajar: Yes by Rosemary Griebel.

(Rambling preamble).

A few years ago, I set out all eager and full of abundant ideas and started oh about five blogs on WordPress, nearly all of which have, over time, become encapsulated within Flowery Prose. I’ve hung onto The Door is Ajar, which, for those of you who haven’t subscribed to it, is an ongoing list of books I’ve been reading and a super brief commentary about them – not usually what I would consider entire reviews, because that requires more time than I have. At any rate, I have finally made the decision to amalgamate the two blogs here.  After all, books and writing and reading are a big part of Flowery Prose…and while I’m a bit afraid that some of you may be put off by my eclectic reading tastes, who knows? – this might just go over nicely in the end.  I just really feel the need to streamline the whole blogging process and get everything (bad pun alert) on one page. I won’t completely shutter the site of The Door is Ajar, but I won’t make any new entries for the foreseeable future – click here if you want to pop over and see what I was doing.

(The good stuff).


Yes – Rosemary Griebel (2011 Frontenac House Ltd., Calgary)

I’m not sure how many of these poems from Rosemary Griebel are autobiographical but her incredibly powerful portraits of parents, lovers, and friends, the prairie landscape of childhood, and journeys to Europe and other regions of Canada (as well as some interesting and bold reimaginings of history) feel so personal and intimate I don’t want to believe otherwise.  I first selected this collection because Griebel is from Calgary, and although many of the poems were attractive to me due to that shared geography, I became far more emotionally engaged than I had anticipated – these are lines and stanzas that will bring tears to your eyes and make your stomach twist over, more than once.  Unexpected and absolutely beautiful work.

16 thoughts on “The Door is Ajar: Yes by Rosemary Griebel.

  1. I love eclectic! Also, I’m a big fan of blogs that encompass many aspects of a person’s life. I’ll have to look up Rosemary Griebel. Have you read Gabrielle Roy? One of my favorite writers.

  2. Hey Sher. You know I will follow you, my friend, with whatever writings and blogs you do. They are informative and interesting, and I know personally that you do it with lots of heart. good luck in your future postings

  3. I knew about your other blog but only remembered to visit it when prompted by something you’ve said in one of your blog fun posts! I don’t need to remember now 😀 Thank-you for the review; I will see if I can get this book.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about multi-blogging. 🙂 Originally (in 20120 I had just this one blog, but subsequently “spun off” two of the topics I was writing about to their own separate ones — it seemed the most logical, as well as user/reader-friendly, thing to do. So now I have three sites which has resulted in fewer (meaning much less frequent) posts written for each of them, LOL. The other two are specialized though, whereas the Chatsworth Lady one has a bit of a mixture. But I often thing I must look like quite the ‘slacker’ as far as post frequency on all of them though, 😉

    • I hear you about frequency – my posting has been irregular, to say the least! 🙂 I do like the idea of keeping topics separate – it makes things easier for followers, who may be interested in something particular. I hope that in my case, the writing/reading/plant stuff can all mesh together…we’ll see….

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