Bad hair day.



Still standing…even when the chips are down!  (Which is rather punny, given that my hubby and I came across this mostly-defoliated specimen in a logged area in Bragg Creek, Alberta).   😉

I think a lot of people in the province are coming off of a week of “bad hair days”…perhaps it has something to do with the ever-changing weather and the constant “tuque-on, tuque-off”* activity or the hair-raisingly icy and snowy road conditions.  I’m good with the sunshine and brilliant blue sky that showed up in the south today – that can stay!  Here’s to a new week of “Good Hair Days!”

What are your favourite comforts when you’re having one of those days? 

*55 Canadianisms You May Not Know or Are Using Differently

Photo credit: R. Normandeau


24 thoughts on “Bad hair day.

  1. The Canadianisms were interesting. I grew up in Canada and now live in Australia, some of the words would leave me scratching my head.

    I want the knitting pattern for that tuque!

  2. I loved the link and found it very amusing. No snow here yet this year – haven’t seen a flake for nearly two years now – very strange. Very windy and wet, a few frosts and a few very warm days for January – temperatures over 10 degrees C on a few occasions. So we are having similar changeable weather but much warmer than yours.

    • I think I would really miss the snow if we didn’t have it (although sometimes I could do without the sheer quantity we get)…before these past couple of years with a lack of it, how much snow did you typically receive in the wintertime?

      • Well, not as much as you do! Sometimes it is only a couple of days on a couple of occasions and it doesn’t last long. Until two winters ago we had a run of snowy winters and 2012-13 was particularly bad with the first snow at the end of October and the last snow only disappearing at the end of March. We always have some snow which makes it strange not to see any. The rest of the country has been having snow this winter but I think that we haven’t because we are in the far east and the winds have all been South-westerlies. If the wind turned to an Easterly or Northerly we might get some.

  3. I must be having a bad hair life. No – really! And if I tried wearing a torque – love the term and the link – I would end up with a huge pile of fuzz on top of my head! Thanks for giving me a morning chuckle!!

    • I’m glad you got a laugh out of this! Tuques are definitely not the best options if one wants to maintain a nice ‘do – they’re guaranteed to generate a serious case of hat head, LOL! Certainly not the most flattering of accessories, but oh so necessary in the cold!

  4. yes..tuque/hat/cap/muts hair! Since we all who endure stiff winter weather suffer from it, we must not pay too much attention to it and just pull the wool further over our eyes;0) Everything is better that half frozen ears, right?
    And speaking 5 languages and none of them very well…I gave up and just ask over and over again: “uhm, what does that mean???” And I have a slight feeling that my friends and family think the same when they here me talking;0) I hear too often..”I knew what you meant” accompanied with a slight smile that tells I said something silly yet again…

    • Yes, we definitely must suffer the good ol’ hat head if we want to stay warm! And some of the hand-knitted tuques are actually so lovely, and not at all unfashionable…

      And five languages, Johanna? – that’s awesome! So valuable, too – even if sometimes words don’t come out quite right! It’s wonderful to have this knowledge. 🙂

  5. Knitting is my relaxation! I grew up watching TV from Canada but when cable TV changed into a monopoly we lost our programs from Canada. Thank goodness I live close enough to visit 🙂

    • I watch knitters in action and it looks really relaxing for them…I’m still learning so the effort makes me tense up like crazy! I will get the hang of it eventually, I hope!

      That’s too bad that you lost your Canadian TV programming – it is interesting, though, that we have mostly American content in our cable packages aside from the required CanCon regulated by the CRTC. We now have a fairly robust film industry here – especially in Calgary and area. I guess our scenery in this part of the province is really suitable for certain movies and TV shows – westerns, in particular.

  6. Staying home and writing works for me…if I can grant myself that luxury! Why do we always have important meetings we have to travel to on bad hair days?? I have one later today and it’s raining, cold and one of those days when static rules hair – I should look like quite the sight when I arrive! 😉

    • I hope it all ended up well and you had a good hair day, after all! The rain and humidity can really wreak havoc on a hairstyle, can’t it?

      Writing is definitely a great way to combat a bad hair day (unless there is a horribly pressing deadline, that is!). 🙂

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