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The don’ts of bird photography.



My hubby says these two are likely in the avian equivalent of the witness protection program. I’m thinking I need photography lessons or new eyeglasses or both. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful, sunshine-filled Tuesday!

Author: Sheryl @ Flowery Prose

Sheryl Normandeau is a writer and gardening enthusiast living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in the foothills of the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

61 thoughts on “The don’ts of bird photography.

  1. Funny but true in that most small birds are heard but not seen.

  2. Love the picture and your husband’s translation. I have lots of pictures like this.

  3. Thats funny, the faces are blocked to protect their identity. Cute little birds, hard to photograph I think.

  4. How timely! Just read an article on bird photography this morning. It’s not as easy as some photographers make it seem!!

  5. I have a pair of wrens making a home in the birdhouse under a tree outside my kitchen window, I took lots of pictures of leaves and the window- with no luck of the birds :)

  6. I also have some photos like this, I think it is really hard to get good bird photos.

  7. That was funny and made a great story.

  8. It’s a rainy Tuesday here. But a nice rain, not a gully washer. Loved the photo. I have many similar ones. Makes you appreciate the good shots.

  9. Thanks for the laugh! I had a similar photo just yesterday of a blackbird…. a small black blob in a tree! You are not alone!

  10. LOL I have ended up with a few of those birds in the witness protection program. It is still a very pretty picture. Hugs

  11. This is really fun! Love it.

  12. If you wanted to get a photo like this you would never have been able to. Photography always tries to foil our intent!

  13. I feel your pain Sheryl. Too bad we don’t live closer as I’d be happy to share with you what I’ve learned. Lots of practice!!

  14. LOL!!!!! That’s too funny!

  15. great blogpost today, I am sure it has made many readers smile.

  16. Well done for catching them at all, I find it impossible!

  17. I usually can’t even see the birds others spy, let alone find a way to photograph them! Thanks for the smile!

    • I must miss hundreds of them when we’re out hiking or walking…they really are difficult to spot! I had never seen American goldfinches before this – at least the males stand out with their blazing yellow feathers. That’s the only reason I saw them at all. :)

  18. so funny! but really, leaves are in fact a night mare for bird watchers;0)

  19. OH how you made me laugh!!! Too funny! Laughter is medicine for the soul, and you Gifted me this today. Thank you! Love, Amy …. still giggling ….

  20. Sheryl, I just followed you. I get inspired from other photographers, and I really do like your sense of humor. xx Amy

  21. Thanks for the visit and deciding to follow me.

  22. I’m with you! I rarely catch a bird … I have a friend who always seems to be in the right place / right time!
    Gorgeous yellow color in this one!

    • Isn’t that goldfinch spectacular? (It would be even better if you could see his head, LOL!). I actually did get a couple of sort of decent (read: at least the head is visible) shots of him after his mate flew off – but I simply had to post this after one my hubby said that about it. I really need a bunch of practice with birds…I’m used to flowers and their lack of wings. ;)

  23. Witness protection or they just refuse to cooperate! They are the opposite of our old cat, who always positioned herself in the view of the camera. But things could be worse, I know someone who was taking pics of birds on a hedge with a big telephoto lens … unbeknownst to her, there was someone sunbathing topless on the other side of the hedge. Serious misunderstandings ensued.

  24. The Don’ts? But I always Do this? I haven’t a single decent bird photo of one bird, let alone two.

  25. This made me smile. I’ve taken plenty of photos just like this. The little chirpers move so quickly and they’re experts at blending in as well. Nice post.

  26. I too smiled over the birds witness protection program

  27. that was VERY funny and made me giggle

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