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Polyanthus! Polyanthus!



Okay, I admit:  I’ve been lacking a little colour in my life lately, and this dreary winter is really getting me down.  But not any longer….

What do you think?  Is it too much?  ;)

Author: Sheryl @ Flowery Prose

Sheryl Normandeau is a writer and gardening enthusiast living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in the foothills of the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

14 thoughts on “Polyanthus! Polyanthus!

  1. Not at all. Lovely & cheery on this cold morning.

  2. Too much for this time in the morning! I like my breakfast polyanthus to be a nice, quiet butter-yellow. :)

  3. Thank you so much this one of the most a beautiful flowers

  4. Very pretty. You can never have too much color.

  5. Just perfect today I should think, thanks

  6. There’s no such thing as too much colour or too many flowers! :)

  7. Not too much – just right! :)

  8. Oh, not at all! It’s lovely to see some colour! :D Thanks for brightening up this grey rainy day!

  9. A color combination that wakes you up in the morning! Very pleasing!

  10. Thanks so much, everyone, for your wonderful comments, they made my day! :)

  11. like you I am so getting ready for some natural colour besides white. Thanks for the inspiration. ~Thea

  12. Lovely flowers to behold! Very pretty and especially nice to look at when we live in a country that has winter for 6 months out of a year – it is much needed at this time of year! Thank you!!

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